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paper game9

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game name: Black and white

game board:

game tokens:

relations table:

game testing:

How to win:


-       People who destroy all enemy tokens is the winner.

-       If both players can not destroy each other, that is draw ending.



-       Game board

-       Six-sided die

-       4 * Spearman for each player(with spear logo)

-       4 * footman for each player(with sword logo)

-       4 * knight for each player(with horseshoe logo)

-       4 * archer for each player(with bow logo)



-       At the beginning of the game, all of players should roll the die to determine who will go first. The player with the lower number should go first.

-       Two players need mix all of two players’ tokens and make all of tokens logo face down and place all of token randomly on the empty box in the game board.(Can not place in the black area, one token for one box)

-       Then the player with lower number can turn over one of tokens(whatever which one). The color on the token which player one just turned over is the higher number player’s token. (black circle in the corner is the black team, the tokens with out black circle is the white team)

-       Each turn player can only move one time(turn over a token cost move)

-       Player can choose turn over, move or attack a token

-       Player can not turn over the token which the logo already faced up.



-       All kinds of token can move one step follow the black line.(the black line connecting each box)

-       Player can move his/her token to the black area, also token can stay on the black area.

-       One token for one box, no overlay.



-       Player can move to other player’s token’s box to attack it, and replace the died token.

-       Balance table is showing on the paper


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