paper game2

game name: Trap meeple

game board:

game set up:

game tokens:

game testing:

How to win

-       Use your barriers tokens to trap the other player, as in the picture below, (X represents the player, and O represents a barrier token).  You can use your barrier tokens and the game board boundaries to trap the other player.






-       8*8 game board

-       two character tokens

-       20 blue barrier tokens (player 1)

-       20 red barrier tokens (player 2)

-       six-sided die (to decide who moves first)



-       At the beginning of the game, both players should roll the die to determine who will go first.  The player with the higher number should go first.

-       Each player should place his/her character in the like-colored box.



-       The player starts his/her turn by placing one of their barrier tokens.  The player will then move one grid space in any of 8 cardinal directions.  The turn is now over.

-       You do not have to move during your turn.  However, you must place a barrier token during your turn.

-       A player can place a barrier token in any empty grid space.  There can only be one token per grid space.  This also means that the two player tokens may not share a grid space.

-       A player token may not occupy the same grid space as a barrier token.



-       two character tokens can not face each other in same line(not in row, column and diagonal line)

-       If there has a barrier token between two character tokens then the two character tokens can be placed in the same line(row, column and diagonal )