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Chart a Ruse

Page history last edited by Surya Pasupuleti 5 years, 8 months ago



A game for 3 players.


Before beginning the game, choose 1 player to be the mad psychologist. This player will be competing against the other 2 players (test subjects) and imagining experiments for them.


On the following page are instructions to be read only by the Test Subjects


Player-only Instructions


You are test subjects of a mad psychologist awaiting some sort of experiment. You know little of what will occur but it hardly seems right that your captor should be allowed to succeed. Past experience has shown you the futility of overt resistance but perhaps the two of you can subvert the psychologist’s goals without tipping your hand?


On the following page are instructions to be read only by the Mad Psychologist


Mad Psychologist


To be honest, you’re not really conducting any kind of experiment. You’re just bored and want your test subjects to debate some silly premises while they struggle to figure out what the ‘real test’ is.


Once you have read the rules and have at least one scenario in mind, convey to the players the following information:  (it is encouraged you do this in the manner that best befits the mad psychologist you think you would be)


  • The players will be asked to face several imaginary scenarios and argue best how they’d solve them.

  • Choose the player you think is more emotional and tell them that all the reasons for actions and arguments must be borne out of pure logic, pragmatics and cold calculation.

  • Then choose the player you believe is more logical and inform them that conversely their actions and rationales must be driven by emotion, idealism, and passion whether it’s love or hate.

  • Tell them whomever argues better will be set free while the other returns to captivity.


As the mad psychologist, you should come up with 3 highly farcical scenarios that you think will entertain you to hear debated. What that means is largely up to you but an example scenario could be something like “Zombie Puppies have simultaneously infested an empty Build-a-Bear Workshop and a Retirement Home for Nazi sympathizers, what do you do?” or “Militant Vegans hold you captive in a Whole Foods but you have a device that lets you either transmit what you’re thinking and feeling or receive the same information from someone else. How do you escape?”


Game End


The game ends after 3 scenarios. Whichever player had the most fun wins.



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