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Game6 (1)

Page history last edited by Lenny 6 years ago

Peaceful forest of doom


  • Small tub (around 10”x10”)

  • Sticks! (10 or so around 2” in height)

  • Dirt (to fill the tub)

  • Can be played outside in the dirt as well.


  • Fill the tub with dirt

  • Watch out for bugs in the dirt (unless you like bugs)


  • There are 4 players. Each player represents a season. Player 1 is spring, player 2 is summer, player 3 is fall, player 4 is winter.

  • Player 1 & 2 are in cahoots, as are player 3 & 4.

  • The goal of the warm months is to allow the tries to thrive. The goal of the cold months is to leave the forest barren.

  • Spring goes first. In their turn they poke holes in the dirt. Each one of these holes is a possible space for a tree to grow. They may poke up to 10 holes.

  • Summer moves next. They plant 5 trees. They can only plant in poked holes.

  • Fall picks 5 trees to weaken.

  • Winter falls 3 of these trees by tipping them in any chosen direction from their base. If any other trees are in the path of their fall, they fall in the same direction, and so on.

  • If the warm team lasts 10 rounds, they win. If the cold team clears the forest within this time, they win.

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