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Prometheus's Gift

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Prometheus’s Gift

Prometheus’s Gift is a game for a single person. It is played on a 20X20 grid. The goal is to see how quickly you can steal fire from the Gods and bring it back to humanity. Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades are trying to stop you. Prometheus is capable of moving two spaces per turn in ANY direction, but CAN NOT ATTACK. If you manage to obtain the fire and then make it back to your starting space, you win and should make a note of how many moves it took for you to do so.

Zeus moves two spaces (up, down, left, right) and can throw lightning bolts in ANY direction that move until they strike something (whether Player, NPC, or obstacle). Zeus will always try to take the shortest path to get within attack range of Prometheus, even directly crossing into Hade's path.

  • If an obstacle is stuck, the lightning dissipates.

  • If Prometheus is hit, he is knocked back a space (in the opposite direction from where the lightning came from).

  • If Hades is hit, the lightning does nothing to him.

  • If Poseidon is hit, he is stunned for 3 rounds, and CAN NOT MOVE OR ATTACK.

Poseidon moves UP TO three spaces, but can only move in one direction per turn. Poseidon attacks by flooding two adjacent spaces in one of the cardinal directions (N, S, E, W). Poseidon will always try to take the shortest path to Prometheus but will avoid moving into a space that Hades is going to move into on his next move.

  • If an obstacle is hit, nothing happens.

  • If Prometheus is hit, he is stuck in place for one turn, but is immune to further attack from Poseidon for 5 turns.

  • If Hades is hit, pushed in the opposite direction that the flooding came from.

  • If Zeus is hit, nothing happens.

Hades moves only a single space and has a fixed path. Whereas Zeus and Poseidon will actively pursue Prometheus, Hades will only attack Prometheus if Prometheus gets in his way. Hades can only attack another character if he occupies the same space they do. He will always attack ANYONE who moves into his pre-determined path. Hades never attacks obstacles.

  • If Prometheus is hit, he is instantly slain, the game ends, and + 100 moves are added to your total.

  • If Poseidon is hit, he is slain, and Hades gains + 1 movement.

  • If Zeus is hit, he is slain, and Hades can now attack spaces adjacent to him.

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