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Honeycomb Collector

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Honeycomb Collector

Honeycomb Collector is a game intended to be played by three people. The goal of Honeycomb Collector is to be the “bee” that collects the most honey in the 10 minute time limit. The game board is comprised of hexagonal spaces. Each space has a “value” between 1 and 6, which represents the amount of honey the player receives if they land on that space (each bee’s honey total should be kept track of on a separate sheet of paper). Players roll a six-sided die, and lowest roll gets to go first. Players take turns moving, rolling a single four-sided die and then move that number of (adjacent to each other) spaces. Players must use their FULL ROLL, and can’t DOUBLE BACK or land on the space they just left. Only one player can occupy any particular space. At the end of the ten minutes, the player with the most honey is the winner. If the top two players both have the same amount of honey/points, they both win. If all three bees get the same amount of honey, the game is a tie.

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