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You have fallen through the rabbit hole and find yourself at the edge of a room with two lumbering giants in the center. Between them you spot yet another rabbit hole. Perhaps therein lies your salvation?



I envision this as a puzzle-based multi-level dungeon. There are 3 variables that can be manipulated to this end - the location of the exit; the player's moveset; the giants' moveset. Rather than restricting the player's moveset I've decided to have certain moves instead manipulate the giants in different manners for potential future levels.


Version 0.2 - 09.10.14



- A gridded sheet of paper containing 8x10 grids.

- A small Humanoid figure representing you

- 2 larger tokens representing the Giants. Choose ones where the orientation of their facing is clear.



Level 1

- Place the token representing you at the bottom-left corner grid.

- Draw a square of 4 grids labelled goal such that it's 1 grid below the top edge and 1 grid to the left of the right edge. In the center of it, mark a black dot. This is your exit.

- Both Giants will be placed near the center of the room. 1 will be in the grid that's below and to the left of the center. This one will be facing you diagonally. The other will be in the grid that's above and to the right of the center. This one will be facing down vertically.



Make it to any one of the four squares titled Goal. Once there, you will spend a vulnerable turn preparing to contort yourself down another rabbit hole.



The player can move in all 8 directions in the room provided the square's not blocked by a giant or a wall.



The Giants always desire to capture this unwelcome intruder and work towards that goal. Players are not allowed to know anything more.

Movement - Level 1

- The Giant facing diagonally can move 2 squares in any direction provided it's diagonal.

- The Giant facing vertically can also move 2 squares in any direction provided it's orthogonal.

- Neither Giant will enter corner or edge grids. These are too small for them.

- Whenever the player moves diagonally, he makes the giants turn 45 degrees. Thus the diagonal giant becomes the orthogonal one and vice versa. Following this, the giants won't move from their position unless the player is in a square where they can immediately be captured.

'AI' Rules - Level 1

The closest Giant always moves first. If both are equally close, the Diagonal Giant gets priority. Choice of move is based on the following:

- The Giant will move to a position where it can 'attack' the player. That is, a position where if the player doesn't move they'll be immediately captured.

- If the above is not possible or leads to multiple moves, the Giants will choose the move that puts them closest to the player.

- If there are multiple or no moves available after the above, the Giants choose the move closest to the Goal so as to better protect the exit.


Changes from Version 0.1 - 09.08.14


- The GOAL square was moved from the center of the map to near the top right edge. This was done since the entire room wasn't being used.


The Giant Movement is now hidden from the player as well. This is to add more novelty to the first attempt and make it more likely that the player will need multiple playthrus to solve each room

Movement - Level 1

- The Giant movement is restricted to 2 squares. This in fact is to the advantage of the Giants but seemed to make players think they were less overpowered.

- Similarly, the edges of the room are closed to the movement of the Giants though the player can still be captured in them. This is because a Giant on the edge is too easily neutralized by chaining diagonal player movement.


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