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The Threads that Bind Us

Rapid Game Design Challenge 03



Scott Davis
Nick Van Dessel

Daniel Gallagher

orm a three (3) person collaborative group. Create a game that involves five (5) bodies/players, all with equivalent roles, all interacting within a 16 x 16 x 8 foot maximum spatial envelope. Gameplay may involve a number of props -- limited only by practicality -- of no more than two (2) kinds. The maximum temporal envelope will be 15 minutes for a game to play to completion. The game should be easy to learn but difficult to master.




          The five players start facing each other in the center of the spatial area in a semi-circular formation. Each of the players starts off with length of fabric. This piece of fabric is folded along its length a number of times and in the center of the material, a clip is secured. The clips should firmly grasp the folded fabric. Each player should take hold the length of fabric with one hand and offer the other end to the person on their right.


          This should set the game so that each player holds a two pieces of fabric, one in each hand. The player should not at any time wrap the fabric around their body in any manner and the player must do their best to keep it in their hand.


          At this time, the players should step backwards far enough so that no fabric hangs loosely between players. The clips should be seen on the center of each fabric. Each player has the goal of keeping the two clips that are attached to the fabric that they are holding safe while attempting to take one of the other three clips that are available to them in the circle. At the count of 3, the players begin to move to secure one of the clips. Players should announce to the others that they have acquired one as soon as possible. The players that are connected to the fabric that loses a clip are eliminated.


          The second round of the game begins when two of the players are eliminated in the round of five players. Now only 3 players exist and have 3 pieces of fabric with a clip between them. The goal is to keep your two clips that are attached to you safe while securing the lone clip that belongs to the other two players. The player that secures a clip first wins the game.


If at any time one of the players steps outside the playing space, the game is paused and the players are brought back to the center to restart the countdown to begin play again.




Part 1
Part 2
Part 3



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