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The Gas Game

Page history last edited by James Riley 7 years, 8 months ago

The Gas Game




-tokens for each player

-something for gas tokens



-each player gets $20 to begin, and start at the home square


-players have 2 resources Gas and $

-by stopping at a gas station players can trade $ for gas at the current rate

-players may only have 10 gas tokens at any time

-if you run out of gas you lose and are out of the game

-To win either be the last player remaining or return home with $50 on hand



-if you are on the home square and have no destination gain $5 and roll a d20, the # corresponds to a location on the board, this is your destination.

-roll the D6 to determine how far you can move (moving 2 spaces consumes a gas token. if you move an odd number of spaces you consume an extra gas token)

Move vs Gas

1 = 1

2 = 1

3 = 2

4 = 2

5 = 3

6 = 3


-if you end your turn on your destination roll the D10 and collect that much $.

-if you end on the gas station you may trade $ for gas tokens at the current price

-the price of gas start at $1 and goes up $1 every time X destination have been completed by all of the players combine. X being the number of players still currently in the game

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