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Page history last edited by Scott Davis 7 years, 9 months ago

The following rules are added to Riverbend basic rules seen in week 6:

Each player has now access to 4 different special moves, one of each per game. They can be used at any point in the game.They are as followed:

Freezing: As seen in previous iterations of this game.

Rapids: This motion has the player placing out his hands in fists in front of themselves and calling out "Rapids". The player with the flow of the river in their hands MUST make an exaggerated move with the water flow around themselves before then making the river flow to the player that called out this move. Being creative with the river flow during this move is endorsed. If player lacks motivation to do this move, other players should have them be dammed.

Evaporation: This move has the player using it raising both hands above their head palms facing the sky and calling out "Vapor." The player with flow of the river continues their turn and sends the flow to the player they were choosing. However, these two players must now switch spots from where they were flowing the river. The player that recieved the flow of the river must pass it to the next player while in motion as they make their way to their new position in the circle. Other moves may be called out as this move is being played and players should try their best to accommodate both ensuing actions if it happens that way.

Downpour: This move is used by making a x using one's arms and saying "Downpour" aloud. This move is activated for the person who has the river flow. That person may now direct the river flow to another player, with intent of knocking them out of the game from a flood. The person receiving the flow from must make a decision, either be knocked out or use one of their own abilities. If the player decides to use their own downpour, they themselves make the x sign, and "deflect" the blow to the next person that their sign is pointing to. The choice of the other abilities "cancels out" the downpour, but that new ability must be played out.

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