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Nuclear Proliferation

Page history last edited by Andre Blyth 7 years, 11 months ago

Nuclear Proliferation.


Eight different kinds of play cards.

01. Destroy 1 Bomb

02. Draw 1 card, +1 Action

03. Skip Turn 

04. You and another player discard 2 bombs 

05. Take two of your cards and switch them with another players. 

06. Missile Crisis

07. NPT  

08. Add 2 Bombs 




3-4 Players start with 10 bombs, object is to get rid of all bombs.

Players have a morale tokens, if reaches 0, player's government is coup'd, player loses.


Players Start with 3 cards from the deck.

Players draw one card per turn then play that card on any player they wish, including themselves.





Second Edition. Breaks Anti-Conflict Theme, but makes game more engaging.


Two War Cards. When drawn, turn over War Rules.


War Rules:

The next two rounds are war rounds.

A war round has another available action to use on a turn.

1. A player may challenge one or both other players to war.

2. To play out war phase, players secretly decide upon an amount of bomb cards

to use. Once chosen, they simultaneously reveal, and the player with the most

bomb cards wins. If a player loses all of their bombs while in a war round, 

they are out of the game.

3. Players draw 3 bombs at the end of their turn during a war round.


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