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Space Control

Page history last edited by Andre Blyth 7 years, 10 months ago

1. Players alternate drawing a single line on one edge of a space, anywhere on the board.


2. Once a space is surrounded, the player with the most lines along the space's edge is in control

   of that space.


3. If a space is captured, all edges of that space are converted to player control. If two adjacent

   spaces are under opposing control, their border is considered under control of both players

   (in order to prevent infinite loops).


4. If no more lines can be drawn, game is over and the player 





Hex board creates simplistic gameplay, where players alternate control of spaces and game ends in a tie.

Triangle board is much more complicated, but I wonder if a board containing shapes with a variety of edge numbers.

Control changes are difficult to keep track of on paper. A whiteboard might work better or even better programmed onto a computer.



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