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Challenge Four rules

Page history last edited by Tom Dice 7 years, 6 months ago

Challenge Four: Anti-Conflict game

3 players required:

4th person acts as Fact Checker:


D6 roll determines player turn order.


Goal of the game is to reach goal zone by reading a random fact out loud, then state your opinion of the fact. Then other players choose to agree with you or choose their own answers. After each player has made a decision, then the Fact checker states the right answer. If the initial player is correct then they move one space closer to the goal along with any other players who agreed with them. If players disagreed with that player then they must move back one space. If all three players agree on a fact but it turns out to be wrong then they all must move back one space. Any player who disagrees with the player that turns out to be right moves two spaces forward while the others move back one space. (Room for more rules are needed depending on playtest conditions.)

UPDATE: After the first round of playtesting the only suggestion was to add more questions.



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