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Game 3: Reclamation Wars

Page history last edited by Basil Vendryes 7 years, 10 months ago

Basil Vendryes


Reclamation Wars



The objective of this game is to reclaim as many spaces as possible and maintain possession of them for 20 turns.



Hexagonally gridded paper in a hexagonal shape

3 different colored markers or collection of colored tokens

3 character tokens


1.       Randomly assign the location of the special tiles, ensuring they are fairly spread across the board. Players then select their beginning spaces from the 3 available starting points and are assigned a color.

2.       Every turn, players move to “reclaim” a space and add it to their territory, designated by their color. On the beginning turn, all players receive a “demolisher” on their starting space (the character tokens), which is used to neutralize enemy spaces.

3.       Players may only reclaim 1 space per turn and must have the desired space be adjacent to a controlled space.

4.       After 20 turns have transpired for each player, the one(s) with the most controlled tiles win(s).

5.       Demolishers may have a total of 2 moves per turn. Moves consist of either movement (demolishers may only move upon controlled spaces of their respective player) or demolishing. Demolishing removes possession of a single enemy controlled space adjacent to the position of a demolisher. The space returns to a neutral state and may not be reclaimed by any players until the next turn.

6.       Demolisher movements are made in exchange for space reclamation (you cannot claim a space and use demolisher movements in the same turn).

7.       Demolishers may kill other demolishers if they are adjacent to one another. Once a demolisher is destroyed, it is removed from the game permanently.

8.       Special spaces grant a variety of bonus abilities that are granted to the player that currently has the space under their control. This is relinquished immediately if the space is neutralized or taken by another player. Players may not possess more than 2 special spaces at a time.

  1.        Special Spaces List:

     a.       Super Demolisher: When this tile is controlled by a player, demolishers receive an additional move that may be applied towards demolishing or movement. Additionally, demolishes made by a super demolisher may be instantly converted to a players own territory. (Star burst icon)

     b.      Fortified Spaces: When this tile is controlled by a player, that player’s spaces require 2 attacks from a demolisher to become neutralized. The exceptions to this are super demolishers effectively cancel this effect and the space neutralization proceeds normally without the space being converted immediately. Void maker also ignores this. (Brick wall icon)

      c.       Void Maker: When this tile is controlled by a player, the player is granted an additional turn option. They may remove any tile adjacent to their controlled spaces from play, making it unreclamable and not counted in the final scoring. Special tiles and tiles with demolishers occupying them are invalid targets. This counts in place of both tile reclamation and demolisher movement. (Spiral icon)

     d.      Long range Reclamer: When this tile is controlled by a player, the player has the ability to reclaim spaces that are 1 additional space away from their controlled territory. (Arrow icon)

     e.      Special Neutralizer: When this tile is controlled by a player, the player has the ability to neutralize one other special space, either unclaimed or claimed, and permanently remove it from play. This may only be used once and counts as a move for a turn. If this space is claimed by a player, used and is then claimed by another player, the space is treated as a regular tile. (Cancellation icon)

     f.        Lockdown: When this tile is controlled by a player, the player may sacrifice 2 turns to grant 2 turns of invulnerability from demolishers and special tile effects such as void maker and special neutralizer. This cannot be used again for another 2 turns after it is activated. (Lock icon)



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