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Challenge One: Grid Game

Page history last edited by Tom Dice 7 years, 10 months ago

Rules: Player Character(1)


Player Character moves one space at a time, any direction. Objective is to reach goal without getting captured by NPCs.

-Shaded Areas are obstacles and must be avoided by Player and NPCs alike


Rules: Non-Player Characters (2)

NPCs use standard D^ die to determine roles. NPCs move 1 character per move alternating the Player Character every turn. (Example: Player moves first, NPC1 moves, Player moves, NPC2 moves)

NPCs may not move more than 2 spaces in any direction without changing directions to an adjacent space. NPCs may not move to any space more than once during their turn. (No moving backwards to a space previously occupied.) To capture the player, the NPC must use all of it's moves first, with its last move making the actual capturing. NPCS can only move adjacently during play, and must capture the diagonally only.   NPCS and Player character may share the same spot as long as the NPC is not capturing the Player.

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