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Daniel Gallagher

Page history last edited by Will Guy 10 years, 4 months ago

Player in Rounds 5 and 6. Interested in narrative potential of game development; that is, a player in a game is far more immersed in a narrative environment than a reader in a book or a viewer in a film. Leans toward game art (especially diverse character design, direction, and development) and gameplay design, but has dipped at least six toes in programming before.


Challenges Round 6

Physical Challenge 1: Anti-Fencing

with William "Guillermo del Toro" Guy  and Andre "3000" Blyth.


Programming Challenge 1: A Hero Saving Villagers.

with Scott Davis; unfortunately, programming issues caused our exercises to diverge besides visuals. my version has the "hero" touching "villagers" to save them from being cursed (removes the cursed villager and spawns a normal villager in the same spot.)

DGallagher Week1.zip


Physical Challenge 2: Tell Me Something

with Scott Davis, William Guy, Sommer Shearer, Michael Hovell, and Nic Van Dessel


Programming Challenge 2: Buddy

with Nic Van Dessel


Physical Challenge 3:


Programming Challenge 3: Buddy Soccer 2: Buddy Football 

with Will Guy




Challenges Round 5

Challenge 1: Demidungeons

A game in which the player draws a dungeon and defends it against a pair of invaders. The player must defeat both invaders before they can visit and loot every room. The main gameplay rule is that the invading warrior is defeated by traps, but defeats monsters in turn, whereas the invading thief is defeated by monsters, but defeats traps in turn.



Fast-paced game for two players. Each tries to trick the other into believing they have the higher dice roll, allowing them to move their piece that round. Game of strategy and trickery.


Challenge 3: Idiot Wolfpack

Though never tested, this three-player guessing and logic game is based on a pair of wolves from a truly moronic wolf pack trying to discover which of the pack is a bunny in disguise.


Challenge 4: Babel

Building game played with a bag of uniform 2x4 building blocks. If one player knocks the tower down, they lose-- but if every brick is used, everyone wins.


Challenge 5: Overgrowth

Two-player game where two rival evolutionary lines compete over limited resources.


Challenge 6: Wu Xing Water

Two-player strategy game based around the 5 Chinese elements.


Challenge 7: Last One Sounding

Simple party game based on Simon-like games.


Challenge 8: Justice

Party game based on finding the "perp". Regards gun violence.

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