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Escape Board Game ver1

Page history last edited by Dylan Jones 8 years, 10 months ago

Game #1 (Escape)


Set up:

-Roll one die to decide the row for NPC #1. The first role indicates the top (black) numbers. Place the NPC on that row. Roll the dice again and place the NPC on the 2nd row down the board (blue). Use the same the logic for NPC #2.

-Place your character anywhere in the first 2 rows as indicated.

-Use magic marker (or just use tokens in early testing, that means whomever is reading this!) for the player to mark 6 obstacles on the board. Obstacles may not be placed directly next to NPC.

-Once done, allow the NPC to place 3 obstacles.



NPC’s move first, player second.

Player moves one square per turn, in any 4 directions.

NPC’s have a goal of boxing the player in, they move 2 squares per turn. 

NPC’s and player cannot move through obstacles.

If there is a straight line from the NPC to the Player that is blocked by an obstacle, the NPC may not move through the obstacle. The NPC can move up to the obstacle, but not through it or around it if a straight line can be drawn between the two. (rea that again, because it’s important)



Player reaches far row of board.



NPC boxes player in against wall or other NPC.



*Don’t troll just yet. 





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