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Scott Davis

Page history last edited by Scott Davis 10 years, 3 months ago

Rapid Game Development 2013


Challenge 1: HBR- A game of blind Survival


Challenge 2: Minute Maze Madness


Challenge 3: Geometrap

Challenge 4: Just Say Yes

Challenge 5: Stacked Descendants


Challenge 6: River-Bend


Challenge 7: Haiku-Tag


7-2: Haiku 2


Challenge 8: Confessions

Challenge 9: Riverbend-Refined



RGD 2014 (Electric boogaloo)


Challenge 1: Your Other Half


Challenge 2: Tell Me Something 


Challenge 3: The Threads that Bind Us


Challenge 4 version 1: "Island Trading"


Challenge 4 version 2: "The Crazy Parties"


Programming For Play 2014 


Week 1 Exercise- In this weeks work, we were introduced to the basics of Unity and also given insight to the aspects and differences of Unity 2D which is new at the start of this quarter. We instructed to get familiar with software by investigating and altering the assets and scripts given to us. Of these, I am particularly fond of CameraMove. cs which found its way into a multitude of the student projects in the quarter as well as many of my prototypes. The scripts provided also showed us the adjustments needed to affect cloned-prefabs as well as collisions of various types (collider vs trigger).  Exercise done with Daniel Gallagher. 


Week 2 Exercise- This week focused on introducing us to GUI elements (the new ones in Unity) and sprite animation as well as the beginnings of creating multiple levels by scenes and controller support. This last one was definitely the most prevalent as I see it as important to fine tune the feel of the controls to something appreciable for the player. Fortunately, it is fairly easy to format them due to the project input settings tab. In this week, we were tasked to create a prototype (by switching out the person designing every five minutes) that would have two players control different gameObjects in game for play. Sommer Shearer and I intended to create a interesting "ball bounce" game where points would be be accumulated by hitting a ball with a cannon that would paint the ball 1 color and then having a lower platform bounce the ball back up, changing it to a different color. The players would only be able to get points by doing it in the correct order. 

Week 3a/b Exercise- These two weeks were given to exploring collisions much further indepth as well as extending on the animation aspects we had covered so far. This included background tiling/ ground tiling which was essentially creating mini-conveyorbelts that teleported the now off-camera scenery to in front of where the player was going. This was effective in keeping the number of gameObjects for a scene low, which keeps the computational expense low as well. For this week, we explored working with a partner to create a sketch that investigates the one or all of the following ideas: Proximity and repulsion. Nicholar Van Dessel and I worked on a scene that did both by applying add force to many balls that were instantiated in and around a player-controlled ball in a small enclosed arena. This was meant to be base of a ball-pit like game where you had to carrol the balls into certain trigger areas to gain points.  

Week 5 Exercise- In this week, we were given tools in order to work with Oscculators as wellas QR codes by reading them in by laptop camera. We were tasked to tinker with this base code so that we could change a in-game sprite depending on the QR code that was read in over a network. Working with Micheal Hovell and Andre Blyth, we were able to achieve that. 

Joint-Final Project- Of Birds and Clouds


EDPX 3705 (Game Design-Topics in Computer Science)


Exercises 01-05

Final Game- Intervene

Paper Games:

01-Trail of Embers

02-Colony Cards




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