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Eric C Schneider

Page history last edited by Eric Schneider 8 years, 7 months ago

Physical Games:

Challenge #1:

Team: Eric Schneider, Melanie Smith, Sarah Begnoche

Game: Guess the Pose

Goal: Using verbal commands, get your opponent to get into the same pose as you.

Rules: Link


Challenge #2:

Team: Eric Schneider, Dylan Jones, David Fogle, Khoa Nguyen, Alicia Rausch

Game: Sneak Attack

Goal: "Sneak" up behind the your opponent to attack and kill them


  1. Tape off 2x2 feet squares for a game board of 8x8 ft
  2. Each player stands on one of the four corners, with no two players on the same corner
  3. Player with birthday closest to date begins
  4. Each player begins with two turns. A turn can be a 90
  5. Players then attempt to eliminate each other by forcing them out of their squares in a checkers-like fashion, however this may only occur by approaching a player from a direction they are not facing.
  6. Each time a player is eliminated, each player may take one more turn, this continues until there is one person left standing
  7. Players are free to form alliances/talk throughout the game


Challenge #3:

Team: Eric Schneider, Phillippe Moore, Stephen Rakoczy

Game: Escaping Eden

Goal: Be the last player to leave the grid


     -Players are randomly assigned a starting position on a 16x16 grid

     -Rounds have two phases: 1. place a big obstacle anywhere on the grid 2. movement

     -After everyone has placed their obstacle, movement phase begins.

     -In the movement phase, everyone moves one square forward at a time until they hit an obstacle.

     -Each player places a personal obstacle that other players can ignore.

     -After encountering an obstacle, player choose a different direction, only moving backwards if there is no other choice.

     -The round ends when everyone has crossed the end line, the last person to do so gets a point.

     -The next round starts with players placing their obstacles in reverse order of how they crossed the end line last round.


Challenge #4:

Team: Eric Schneider, Daniel Kjellerson, Stephen Rice James Riley

Game: Blind Capture the Flag

Goal: To Capture the opponents flag before the blind centuries attack you


     -Each team has 4 players that consists of 1 captain, 1 flag, and 2 other blindfolded players

     -Both team captains stand in the same 16x8x8ft space

     -All the other players stay in the another 16x8x8ft space

     -Captains must direct the blindfolded players to find the opposing team's flag or defend their own team's flag

     -Flags can see and move around freely within the 16x8x8ft space

     -The first team to touch the opposing team's flag wins


Digital Games

Exercise 1: Modify Car game

File: Need_For_Speed.zip


Exercise 2: Combine exercise 1 with another partners.

Partner: Kevin Keables

File: KeablesSchneiderExc00.zip


Exercise 3: Use vectors and a Minim library to create something.

Partner: Phillippe Moore

Files: collab02_Vectors_Audio.zip


Exercise 4: Use vectors to simulate attraction and repulsion.

Partner: Steve Rakoczy

Files: RakoczySchneider_gravCollab.zip


Exercise 5: Use the Kinect 

Partners: James Riley, Khoa Nguyen

Files: gameKinectNguyenRileySchneider.zip


Exercise 6: Final Collaboration

Partners: Philippe Moore, Sarah Begnoche, Eric Schneider, Melanie Smith


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