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Smuggler's Run

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Smuggler's Run



The goal of the game is to be the first team to successfully deliver three spice containers.



Two 4-person teams, and two neutral runners.



Each team uses a wheeled table as a "chassis" for their ship.

Players can act as either engines or cannons on their ship.

     Engines provide thrust, and cannons can attack enemy players.

Ships start at one end of the 16' space, and three spice containers are placed at the other.



Ships must race back and forth, delivering spice containers while avoiding/attacking enemy smugglers.

All players must sit in wheeled chairs.

Engines can push against the ground to move the chassis.

Cannons must be attached to the ship. If a cannon falls off the ship, it cannot reattach itself.


To attack, the team declares a target component. Their neutral runner is sent to the opponent ship to roll dice (one die for each cannon).

On a 5 or 6, the roll is a success and the target component is destroyed.

The runner must return to his/her own ship before that ship can fire again.


A ship's cargo hold can only hold one container at a time.

If a container is dropped, it is sent back to the loading area and the ship must reclaim it.

Players cannot hold the container in place, but they can block it from rolling off the edge.


If neither ship can move, the game ends prematurely.

The game is played in three rounds; first 2 out of 3 wins.

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