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Color Collector

Page history last edited by James Riley 8 years, 5 months ago

Collaboration # 3

Group: James Riley, Alicia Rausch, Nate Gutschow, Melanie Smith


Players: 5 (Simple alterations can be made for the game to be playable with 4-6 players, the number of each color in the game space should be equal to the number of players)

Materials: 35 Craft Loops (7 different colors, 5 of each color), 7 cards with a corresponding color on each.

NOTE: The game does not need to be played with Craft Loops, any object so long as the requirements of 7 different colorsdes and 5 of each color are met and the object is small enough for the players to be able to conceal their objects will work.


1. The 35 Loops are thrown randomly into a 16x16x8 space.

2. Simultaneously the players go into the space and collect 7 Loops that will make up their hand.

3. Players quickly conceal their hand from the other players in order to keep their hands secret.

4. Each player then draws a card, this card will determine their goal color. In order to win, a player must have every loop of the color on their card. 

5. The players get in a circle and an initial player is selected (by whatever arbitrary means the players can agree upon).

6. The Players go clockwise taking turns until one player has completed their color goal.


What's in a turn?

1. The player whose turn it is chooses another player to trade with, the trade is now locked in and an exchange of Loops must occur.

2. The player whose turn it is then makes an offer to the player they are trading with. EX: "I will trade you one black for one blue." (trades of more than one can occur so long as both players agree) EX: "I will trade you one black and one blue for two yellow"

3. Once a trade is agreed upon the players give each other their agreed upon loops. NOTE: it is up to the players to make sure the loops they are being given are the loops agreed upon in the deal BEFORE EXCHANGING.

4. The Trade is finalized and the next player takes their turn.


Quick Reference Rules

1. When you have all the loops of your color that are in play you win.

2. You must trade Every turn.

3. On your turn when you choose a player to trade with you are locked into trading with them. i.e. no choosing a different player in the same turn.

4. You may not have less than 7 loops.

5. It is up to the player to make sure that the trade agreed upon is the trade that happens when the loops are exchanged.

6. When the loops exchange hands the trade is finalized. 

7. If a trade results in both players achieving their 5 loops of their goal color than both players tie for victory. There is no tiebreaker.  


Video of Game Play:  click me


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