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Physical Game Rules

Page history last edited by Sarah Begnoche 8 years, 6 months ago

What you need:

Two players

A judge

A timer



1. Player One should start by standing a few feet directly behind Player Two, making sure that Player Two cannot see them.


2. Player One then has 30 seconds to pick a pose and stand in that pose. The pose must keep at least one foot on the ground and be physically possible for Player Two. They must hold this pose until the end of the round, so pick your pose carefully. If Player One cannot hold the pose for the full amount of time and falls, all their points will go to Player Two.


3. After the pose has been selected, Player One has 3 minutes to guide Player Two into the same pose. The only directions they may give are “right arm hot”, “left arm cold”, “left leg cold”, etc.


4. When the three minutes are up or Player One is satisfied with how Player Two is posed, the judge then awards Player One points for how closely the poses resemble each other. Two points are given for each limb. If one part of a limb is in the right place, but the other is not, one point may be awarded for that limb. The points the judge decides on go to Player One.


5. It is then Player Two’s turn to select the pose and repeat the process. After six rounds of playing, the player with the most points wins.


This game was made by Sarah Begnoche, Melanie Smith and Eric Schneider. 

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