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Mirror, Mirror

Page history last edited by Nate Gutschow 12 years, 1 month ago

Game Design Concept March 30, 2012

David Fogle, Nate Gutschow, Philippe Moore


Mirror, Mirror

Played in an 8 x 8 x 8 foot cube space. 

2 players face each other.

Object is to mirror or opposite reflect alternating each other's poses.

Best 2 out of 3.



Posing and mirroring a pose within a rhythm dictated by the players, a caller and responder.



The starting player is determined by coin toss.

The speed of the count is established via counting on the parts of the players.

At the end of a count, the caller says either "zip" or "zap" and strikes a pose.

Count starts at a 4 count, e.g. 1, 2, 3, zip!

If "zip" is called out, a mirror reflection must be struck by the responder, after an equal number of counts.

If "zap" is called, instead of mirroring the pose, the opposite pose must be struck.

When the responder strikes a pose, he/she says "zop" and becomes the caller.

Movement is allowed while counting.

The count speed must be uniform.

After striking a pose, the responder becomes the caller.

If an incorrect pose is struck, the offending player has a chance to redeem him/herself (rebuttal) by striking another pose within the current rhythm structure. If the responder then fails to correctly strike his/her pose, the failures nullify and the round continues.

A round ends when either 10 calls/responses are made by each player or a player fails to strike a pose and does not win a rebuttal.

Following rounds are played with one fewer counts, e.g. the second round will be counted 1, 2, zip! the third round 1, zip! and the final round only zip or zap called.

Final round continues until a player loses a rebuttal or an agreed upon number of iterations.

Zip and Zap may be substituted for player taste, but decided on ahead of time.



Mirrored pose means identical left to left and right to right relationship.

Opposite pose means reflect left to right and right to left.

Caller is the counter who strikes a pose and calls "zip" or "zap."

Responder is the one who either Mirrors or Opposites the Caller's pose.

Zip represents a mirror pose.

Zap is an opposite pose.

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