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David Fogle

Page history last edited by David Fogle 11 years, 11 months ago

Rapid Prototyping

Challenge #1

I worked with Philippe Moore and Nathan Gutschow.

Our game is titled Mirror, Mirror and the rules can be found here.


Challenge # 4

I worked with Nathan Gutschow, Dylan Jones, Khoa Nguyen, and Sarah Begnoche.

Our game is titled Smuggler's Run and the rules can be found here.



Interaction and Collaboration

Car Example Mod #1:

Here's my alterations to the car example.  I have a feeling I'll need to describe the controls:


WASD:  Player 1 movement     |     F: Player 1 fire

IJKL:     Player 2 movement     |      ;: Player 2 fire


It's a two player tank battle game that takes place in a minefield.  Wins are tracked for both players, but it's up to the players to determine how many wins constitute a final victory.


Car Example Collaboration Mod:

I worked with Stephen Rice and Sarah Begnoche.

We used my basic two player tank framework and added Stephen's level creation system with Sarah's new collectables and speed modifications.

Download here.


Vector Physics Exercise:

I worked with Kevin Keables.

We tried to create a Sonic-esque platformer (or at least the components; we didn't have time for much level design).

Download here.


Collision/Repulsion Exercise:

I worked with Alicia Rausch.

The other penguins are attracted to the player, and all penguins experience collision physics.

Download here.

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