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Philippe Moore

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Philippe Moore


Sketch #1:

TeamDavid Fogle, Nate Gutschow

Game Name: Mirror, Mirror


Sketch #2:

TeamThomas Wynne, Melanie Smith, Dylan Jones, Stephen Rice

Game Name: Shadow Shapes 


Sketch #3:

Team: Steve Rakoczy, Eric Schneider

Game Name: Escaping Eden 


Sketch #4:

Team: Sarah Begnoche, Steve Rakoczy, Alicia Rausch, Melanie Smith, 

Game: Globalization

Goal: Collect six of a certain color bands


-Four teams of two start in two separate 8' x 16' spaces (two in each space).

-Each team consists of a "trader" and a "runner"

-The trader picks six bands from the pile in their space (each space has identical starting piles: four of each color)

-Once each trader has picked their bands, they are randomly assigned a color to collect

-When play starts, the trader has to give his runner a band to put back in the pile in order bring back one of a different color

-Traders cannot tell the runners what to collect, it is up to the runner to figure it out.

-While this is happening two neutral runners are switching the items between the spaces. 

-Traders are allowed to trade with the other trader in their space.

-The first team to collect six bands of their assigned color wins.

Playtesting Results: 

-Neutral runners have too much power

-Making the neutral runners unable to see the piles alleviated the problem a little bit.

-It is hard to keep the traders from signaling what color they need.




Final Game:

Team: Nate Gutschow, Sarah Begnoche, Eric Schneider, Melanie Smith

Game Name: Moose Gusta: Beyond Good and Evil

Game Files: MooseGusta TeddyCriesWolf


Interaction/Collaboration Sketch #1          

Assignment: Modify Bill's GameDemo program for a new goal

Design: I changed the code for turning to make it smoother and I added a speed increase at each level change. The number of obstacles increase based on the current level.

Download: Cars of Doom


Interaction/Collaboration Sketch #2

Assignment: Work with other students to combine our first sketch and goals

Partners: Nate Gutschow

Design: Refinement of both of our ideas and incorporation of them both.

Download: CarsCollab


Interaction/Collaboration Sketch #3

Assignment: Use Vectors and the Minim Library to make something

Partners: Nate Gutschow

Design: Gather food against your opponent and return it to your nest. Whosoever collects the most food wins.

Download: Foods


Interaction/Collaboration Sketch #4

Assignment: Use vectors to simulate attraction and repulsion

Partners: Daniel Kjellerson

Design: Herd sheep before the wolf gets them.

Download: Shepherd Master


Interaction/Collaboration Sketch #5 

Goal: Make something that uses the Kinect.

Team: Steve Rakoczy, Alicia Rausch, Thomas Wynne, Melanie Smith

Product: Kinect Pong!

Link: KinectPong.zip

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