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Stephen Rice

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SkyNet, Changing the World One Computer At a Time.


Coming 2012. 


Sketch #1:

Team: Stephen Rice, James Riley, Khoa Nguyen


-Insult Master (Insults until one player cannot come up with a rebuttal)

-Question Game (Players go until one cannot ask a question)

-Story Game (Players take turns creating a story)

-Moving Bodies (One player creates a bodily shape, the other has to guess it and replicate)

-Defend the Chest (Players take turns acting out how they protect/steal a treasure)


Final: Counter

-Created By: Stephen Rice, Khoa Nguyen, and James Riley

-Goal: Outwit the other player and seize (or protect) the treasure!

-How to Play: Two players within an 8 x 8 x 8 space (and a referee outside of the space) place a treasure within the zone and divide into defender and an agressor. The players will then take turn acting out characters or items that would allow them to accomplish their goal.

Ex. The Agressor Player will attempt to use Superman to steal the item but the Defender protects it by producing kryptonite. 


          1) In the words of Bill Depper, this is the opposite of the traditional rules improv. Instead of the "Yes, And..." this is "No, But..."

2) Players may not repeat any character, object or idea during the game.

3) Each player will have 10 seconds to come up with a counter (as determined by the referee). As the game goes longer, the referee will decrease the amount of time available.

4) If any player uses a character/object/idea that the other player is not familiar with, the player must briefly explain.

-Playtesters: Dylan Jones, Alicia Rausch, Daniel Kjellerson

-Playtesting Results: 

-Agressor/Defender concept wasn't entirely clear

-Agressor may have too much of an advantage

-End State!!!!

-Like Chess?
-Each player gets 2 minutes, whoever runs out first loses


Sketch #2:

TeamPhilippe Moore, Thomas Wynne, Melanie Smith, Dyland Jones, Stephen Rice

Goal: Guess shapes being made in with shadows.


How to Play:

 -A challenger proposes 3 shapes to be made by 2 actors and guessed by a guesser within a theme.

-The guesser is told the theme.

-The actors have 30 seconds to complete all 3 forms and the guesser must guess within that time limit.

-The guesser gets 3 guesses per pose, so 9 guesses per round.

-Actors get 3 points per round, regardless of success.

-Each correct guess nets the guesser 3 points and actors each 1 point.

-After 30 seconds, play rotates,  an actor remains an actor, an other becomes the guesser, the guesser becomes the challenger and the challenger becomes an actor.


-After four rounds, the winner is the player with the most points.

-Iterations of four rounds may be played to further the game time.


Sketch #3:

Team: Kevin Keables, Sarage Begnoche, Dylan Jones, Stephen Rice

Goal: Be the last player with a ball on their head


How to Play:

 -5 players place the required cone and ball upon their head and retrieve their spinning ball of death

-The players start in a pentagon shape in the space and begin

-Players who hit other players in the head lose


Sketch #4:

Team: Stephen Rice, Daniel Kjellerson, Kevin Keables, Eric Schneider, James Riley

Goal: Capture the other team's flag


-Divide the players into two teams.

-Each time has 1 captain, 2 blind players and 1 flag

-Play takes place in an 8 x 16 space with each time starting on one side

-The Captain directs his two blind players to capture the opponent's flag


Final Sketch:

Team: Alica Rausch, Stephen Rice, Thomas Wynne, Steven Rakoczy, James Riley


Interaction/Collaboration Sketch #1          

Assignment: Modify Bill's GameDemo program for a new goal

Design: I made a number of changes to the game, some out of personal preference and others to change the goal. I changed the control scheme, modified the timer to count down and changed how the player interacts with collection pieces. My big modification was to implement a level loader which would read in a text file and construct a driver's ed course based on that text file. The goal was for the player to attempt to drive through the course and collect score pieces. I also added methodology for win/lose scenarios that would also allow the player to restart the game after they had won or lost.

Download: RiceStephenSketch01.zip


Interaction/Collaboration Sketch #2

Assignment: Work with other students to combine our first sketch and goals

Partners: David Fogle, Sarah Begnoche

Design: Our design was the combination of David's tank v. tank idea, with Sarah's item modification and my level creation system. Combined, we had a remarkably fun multiplayer experience. 

Download: TanksExpanded.zip         TanksExpanded1_1.zip


Interaction/Collaboration Sketch #3

Assignment: Use Vectors and the Minim Library to make something

Partners: Sarah Begnoche, Melanie Smith

Design: Inspired by Electroplankton, the player turns music on and off by hitting circles.

Download: RiceStephenSketch2.zip


Interaction/Collaboration Sketch #4

Assignment: Use vectors to simulate attraction and repulsion

Partners: Dylan Jones

Design: Magnets, how do they work? 

Download: RiceStephenSketch3.zip


Interaction/Collaboration Sketch #5

Assignment: Use the Kinect

Partners: Dylan Jones, Daniel Kjellerson

Design: A Western Shootout game using the Kinect and Minim to create the tension of a Hollywood scene.

Download: Shootout2.zip

Note: This should be the most recent version. There is a known bug that requires that no one be in front of the Kinect until the menu loop has begun. Most of the credit for this game goes to Daniel Kjellerson. 


Contact Information:

E-mail: stephen.rice@du.edu

Skype: srice08

Phone: E-mail Me (Don't want to post it publicly)


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