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Use Cards

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For 3 to 5 players.


Players choose a dealer.  The dealer shuffles the deck (keep the jokers in the deck), then deals out all of the cards evenly to all players.  Players may look at their cards.  If there are cards leftover, they are set aside.  Once the cards are dealt, players are not allowed to speak.


You win by being the first player to get two four-of-a-kinds in your hand.


The only game mechanic is to trade an equal number of cards face down with other players.  Trading starts once all cards are dealt by the dealer and everyone is silent.  Trading ends when a player wins by collect two four-of-a-kinds.


Jokers are wild cards, but they also serve another purpose.  If you have a joker in your hand, you can demand to trade your entire hand with any other player and the other player has to accept.  When a full-handed trade occurs, those two players are not allowed to initiate any other full-handed trades for the rest of the game.

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