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Cup Quest

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Three Players


A player takes on the role of dealer.  He or she shuffles the deck and deals three cards to each player, including him or herself.  Then he or she places the remaining cards face down in a pile on the table; this is the draw pile.  Players start in the alcoves at the opposite side of the map from the Holy Grail.


Players roll a die before the game begins to see who goes first (highest wins).


The goal of the game is to get to the Holy Grail, pick it up, and get home safely with it.  The game ends when a player brings the grail back to his or her starting alcove.


Each turn, a player can choose to play a card, discard a card for a new one, or snipe. (sniping is described below)  To move, he or she plays any one card from their hand to decide how far they will move or what action they will execute.  Once a card is played they put it in the discard pile and then draw another card from the draw pile so that they always have three cards in their hand.  When the draw pile runs out, the discard pile is shuffled and becomes the draw pile.  Cards move players in the following manner:


Cards 2-10: the player moves the number of spaces on the card.  Players cannot move through one another, they will just stop behind them if there are no other spaces to move to.


Cards Jack, Queen, and King: the player can choose to move 4 normal spaces, or they can choose to transport to the corresponding Jack, Queen or King space of the card's suit.  If they choose to transport, they must roll a six-sided die to see if their transport was successful.  If they roll a 1-3 it was successful and they may transport, but a 4-6 means it failed and the player drops the goblet and gets transported back to their starting location.


Ace Cards: the player can use Aces to cast a freezing spell on any other player.  When a player has a freezing spell cast on them, they cannot move or use any cards  for two turns.  They can, however, snipe while frozen.


Players can battle two ways.  If a player lands on a hex that is touching Big Bob or Big Bill they must battle them, and if they are adjacent to another player's hex they have the choice to attack.  Players battle by rolling a die once for themselves and once for their opponent.  If they lose the battle (get the lowest number) they get trasnported back to the start.  If they were carrying the grail when they battled, they drop the grail at the hex they were on.


Sniping:  A player may only snipe four times per game due to ammo reserves of the teleportation gun.  If a player chooses to snipe instead of move during his or her turn, they do not get to play any cards.  Instead, they set the Agate Goblet of Sniping  of the table and attempt to bounce the projectile (a ping pong ball) off of the table and into the goblet.  He or she must stand behind the edge of the table when they toss the projectile.  They are allowed to attempt two bounces per shot, and if they make it into the goblet on either attempt, they successfully snipe the player  .  If the player misses, he or she misses and the game continues normally.


No blocking of other player's alcoves is allowed.

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