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Get That Diamond

Page history last edited by Christian Wesselhoeft 9 years, 9 months ago


  • Deck of cards
  • Four player pieces
  • One d6 
  • Four live human beings


  1. Discard four diamond suit cards, making sure to keep the ace.
  2. Shuffle remaining cards.
  3. Lay cards face-down in 8x6 grid.
  4. Pick a side to be north. 
  5. Imagine that this is an island above a pit of lava.


  • The goal is to land upon the ace of diamonds and live.
  • Players start wherever they want.
  • Players have four hit points.
  • Players can move to any (any!) face-down cards as long as there is a non-diagonal path from their piece, but cannot retrace their steps.
  • Face up cards have filled with lava, which is unhealthy (terminally).
  • In a turn, players can flip over as many of the cards between their start and end points as they want, but they must suffer the aggregate of their effects.
  • The cards have the following effects:
    • Heart, sharp rocks: Lose one hit point.
    • Club, rock slide: Lose one turn.
    • Spade, slippery rocks: Roll the d6 to determine random movement
      • 1: One space north
      • 2: One space east
      • 3: One space south
      • 4: One space west
      • 5: No movement
      • 6: Reroll 
    • Ace of diamonds, wondrous diamond: Gain one win (if other effects don't kill you first).
    • Other diamonds, coal: No effect. 
  • If the player who flips over the diamond dies, it falls into the lava and no one wins. 

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