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Slave Trade

Page history last edited by Samuel Granados 9 years, 5 months ago

In this game all players start as slaves. The goal is to win your freedom.



To Win Freedom:


1)   Slave must challenge other slave to a game and win.



2)   Slave must then play other slave's game and win.  


To Own a Slave:


1)   Free persons must challenge slave to a game and win.


To Trade a Slave:


1) One must challenge other slave owner to rock paper scissors [best of two wins all slaves]


2) Once slave is owned he/she cannot escape unless slave trade goes wrong, i.e. slave traders have a draw in which case

    all slaves can choose to escape from both owners.


Games Allowed:


1) Chance Games, Strategy Games (Rock, Paper, Scissors, Tick Tack Toe, Coin Flip, and Quick Card Games are some examples) 




-If everyone is free, everyone wins


-If half of slaves are owned, player earns the title of Plantation Owner


-Owner of all slaves wins and is deemed Tyrant




* Slave has only one chance to be free if owned (by challenging owner)


** Two Free Persons have one chance to free a slave


*** If slave owner loses to a slave then both players become free and owner loses all slaves (they remain slaves)


**** If slave owner has 2 or more slaves and loses then he loses all but one slave of his choice


***** Slave owners have ability of challenging one free person per three slaves owned 





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