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Page history last edited by Christian Wesselhoeft 9 years, 10 months ago



  • 8 1/2" x 11" board of triangular pieces
  • Many colored markers that fit inside the board's spaces; one color per player
  • One piece per player that fits on top of a marker and inside of the board's spaces




  • The goal is to create the largest possible shape with some type of symmetry within 15 rounds
    • (e.g., bilateral, rotational) 
  • A player can perform only one of the following actions per turn:
    • mark one empty space
    • remove one marker
    • try to control an already controlled space 
  • Marking is allowed on any triangle whose vertex touches the one of the player's currently marked spaces
  • To take over a controlled space, a player must leave their piece on it for one full turn.
  • After 15 turns, the player(s) whose spaces create the largest symmetrical shape win(s). 


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