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Game 3

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7 pages of board here



The game has two teams, one team of 2 players (team 1) moves their tokens to the green dot, the other team of one (team 2) rearranges the pages in order to block team 1 from winning. The game is played in 10 rounds. The sheets are laid down at random, however the spawn zone for players (the 2 separate green squares) and the final goal (the one big green square) need to be farthest apart, but remember it doesn’t need to keep that way.


If team 1 doesn’t reach the green goal in 10 rounds, team 2 wins.

Team 1 rolls one dice for both players, then each player rolls again and that number is added to their total movement. . Team 1 players can move from triangle to triangle, they may move to any triangle touching the one they are on. This means you can go straight.


They may not move through blocked out squares.

Players do not have to move on their turn.

Touching a box of color transports you to the other same color on whatever sheet its on.

Team one wins if either player reaches the goal.



Team 2 must move the sheet in order to block players from reaching the goal. Team 2 may only move the sheets 7 times in the 10 round game.

The team may not move sheets the players are standing on.

This team may flip sheets and rearrange them, as even both of these actions count as one move for team 2.

Team 2 may not have tiles (the player is on) move, this can be adjustment be ‘trading’ tiles, instead of replacing.



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