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1.     The player (clear piece) can move in any direction, even diagonal. The player piece starts on the start square.


2.     Non-player pieces (red and blue) cannot attack the player on the start or goal space. These pieces start on the red and blue square next to the goal.


3.     The red piece attacks players on red squares, green squares, red-violet squares, and green-yellow squares. It moves one time each turn on squares of these colors, or yellow or purple, in any direction.


4.     The blue piece attacks players on blue squares, orange squares, blue-green squares, and yellow-orange squares. It moves one time each turn on squares of these colors, or yellow or purple, in any direction.


5.     Violet and yellow squares are safe from attack.


6.     Attacks are made with rolling a six-sided dice. The player and non-player characters will roll a dice, and the one with the highest roll wins the attack.


7.     If the non-player character wins the dice roll, they take the player’s space, and the character cannot move to that square while the non-player character occupies it. Non-player pieces cannot move onto squares the player is on unless won in a dice roll.


8.     If the player loses a dice roll (for a tie, roll again.):

a.     On red or blue square, they get sent back to a secondary color square roughly three spaces back.

b.     If the player loses a dice roll on a green or orange square, they have to move two squares back to a tertiary color square.

c.      Loosing a dice roll on one of the tertiary color squares forces the player back to the previous square they were on.


9.     The player does not have to re-roll for a square they are sent back to after an attack.


Download the game board here!



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