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Page history last edited by Hannah Chaussee 9 years, 10 months ago

The first time Mousetraps was played, the mouse got to the cheese at almost exactly 5 minutes. The second time, the mouse was caught by the cat after about 3 minutes, but it almost reached the cheese. This timing suggested to me that the game was successful for the limited amount of time. However, there were some issues with the game:


1. The cat kept running into the walls because of the cards that were being drawn. Changing something with the cat's movement would be very beneficial. One person suggested that I combine rolling dice with drawing a direction card to determine the cat's movement. If I did this, the cat could move from 1-6 spaces in a direction as directed from the drawn card, giving the cat more of a chance to catch the mouse.


2. People also thought that the starting game board was too open and they didn't really have to strategize at first. To solve this problem, I added 3 permanent mousetraps on the game board (this is the one I uploaded)

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