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Round Four Links

Car Game Edit

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Challenge #2:

TeamJames Riley, Nate Gutschow, Sara Begnoche, Daniel Kjellerson and Steve Rakoczy

Game: Not Sneak Attack

Goal: Get the most points by being the only one standing in a space.


How to Play:

-An 8' x 8' square is divided into three spaces (or one less than the total number of players).  These spaces do not have to be even and can be determined by the players to create their own "board"

-Play takes place over the course of several five second rounds

-Players earn points by being the only one with both feet in one space, if another player straddles two spaces any other players in those spaces are not eligible for points.

-Players cannot straddle two spaces in consecutive rounds; if a player does, they are removed from that round and points are calculated without them.

-Player with the most points at the end of 5 rounds is the winner.

Playtesting Results: 

-Rules allowed for a few "exploits" such as picking someone up so their feet were not "in the space"

-Easily moddable, which allowed for players to tweak on the fly making it their own.

-Occasionally got confusing with the speed at which the game progresses.



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