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Game 1:  Romb Raider

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Romb Raider:

     You are a brave Romb Raider!  You are raiding a haunted room on a mission for mediocre treasure!  

You must plunge into the dark room guarded by shadowy spirits, find the loot, and make it back out the way you came.

Light torches to lift the darkness and ward off the monsters.




1. Place the player token on 'S'

2. Place one monster token on 'G' -- the other monster will remain out of play until later.

3. Cover each square of the board with a black square, except for the 'G' tile and all squares adjacent to the 'S' tile.




-     To win, the player must reach the Goal (G) and then return to the Start (S)

-     If the monsters enter the player's tile the game ends in a loss.

-     When the player reaches 'G' place a second monster at 'S'




-     To win, the player must reach the Goal (G) and then return to the Start (S)

-     The player may move one square per turn, but not diagonally.

-     The player may not move through solid (bold) walls, but may pass through light grey grid lines.

-     When the player enters a new square, uncover any adjacent tiles and re-cover any that are no longer adjacent.


-     Enter a Torch tile (flame) activates the torch.  This tile and the 8 adjacent tiles will remain uncovered for the rest of the game.  Monsters may not enter these tiles.


-     After the player moves, the monster(s) will move one tile, horizontally or vertically, always along the shortest path to the player.

-     Monsters may move in and out of black tiles regardless of any walls between them.

-     However, monsters cannot pass through walls when they are visible.


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