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Zombie Revenge

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After zombies have destroyed the earth you must find your way through the destroyed city and into the safe zone. Your goal: enter the safe zone. Only once you are in the safe zone can you trigger bombs to wipe out all zombies.


Two brain thirsty zombies will try to stop you through your mission. They want your braainssss!!




All empty brown squares are buildings, player cannot move over buildings.




As the player moves through the board he will notice landmarks. When player lands on landmarks there will be specific instructions. They are as follows:


Brown “H” – If player lands on brown “H,” then player rolls dice. If player rolls an odd number player is transported to other “H” landmark. If player rolls even, player is transported to safe zone.


Green Square – If player lands on green square, then player receives a shotgun. This shotgun has the ability to kill one zombie.


Red Square – The red squares have the ability to transport player. Again player has to roll dice. Only lucky number 3 and 7 will transport you to safety. All other numbers rolled will transport player back to the start of game.  






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