Titan Command v2

This is like a 3rd grader trying to work his way through Dante's Inferno - Jon


The board:


The board is made up of a square hexagonal grid with an odd number on each side (e.g. a 11x11 hexagonal grid). Two opposite corners of the map are red, the other two are white. The middle rows are then declared neutral ground - they count as both red and white spaces. The middle piece is colored yellow - thats the power crystal, and works the same as a gem. When a titan is occupying a square touching the power crystal he MUST build two barriers in a build turn, even if it slays a Titan - Power has its price. The Titan's team that is next to the power crystal can also destroy an entire barrier in one turn, as opposed to taking two turns without it. 4 gems are also placed on the board 6 places in front of the starting point of a titan - near the middle of a board. If a Titan lands on a gem or power crystal, that piece teleports to that player's other titan, assuming the titan is not already on top of a crystal/gem. A player must place three gems on their starting edge of the board to win.




Each player places his Titans in the corner on one side of the board - one in a red corner and one in a white corner.


Movement card setup:


2 aces and all face cards are used for this game, with one ace give to each player as their direction card, and then each player gets a black and red of each face card (2 kings, 2 queens, 2 jacks)


The directional card:

The ace is oriented in any direction the player chooses at the start of the game. A player can only move his titan in either direction his ace is oriented in (foreward or backward), but the player can spend a move point to change his orientation card's direction. A player gets three moves each turn.


The player then flips over their 2 jacks ad places their 6 remaining cards in a circle. A King is worth 4 movements points, and a Queen is worth two if the color of the card matches the color of the board the moving titan starts on. A player may therefore move up to 4 hexagons in the direction their directional card is pointing assuming their move piece is used for a king of the titan's color. A player places a token on one of their cards in the start of the game, and spending a move point, may move that token to either card next to it (in a circular fashion) or into the middle to re-arrange their cards.