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Scrapple Picture





  1. 2 Players start on the bottom right square (with tokens of their choosing).
  2. Players take turns.
  3. Each player rolls a six-sided die to determine the number of spaces he/she must move.
  4. After moving, the player must create an English word (per Scrabble rules) with the letters in his/her field of opportunity. The field of opportunity is defined as the row and column in which the player's piece lies.
  5. If the player lands on a red square, he/she may choose from both player's field of opportunity.
  6. A Player may not receive points for a word that has already been created in the same game.
  7. The points awarded for a word is the total of the individual letter points in the word.
  8. The first player to 50 points wins the game


Potential Future Modifications


  • An electronic version would allow for randomness in generating the board and would be easier to play with different rules.
  • Creating the individual blocks as magnetic tiles, then overlaying them on a magnet sheet, might be an interesting way to construct a more dynamic game in a physical format.
    • This physical game could have transparent red (or some other color) squares to overlay on regular squares to create the "powerup" squares.

Comments (2)

Anonymous said

at 7:25 pm on Jan 10, 2007

I didn't get to play this game during class and - upon reading the rule set - would very much like to do so.

Anonymous said

at 1:38 pm on Jan 24, 2007

This game was fun because it uses the same idea as scrabble. Unless you are blind to simple words such as "quiz" and "quarts" like I am, it was appropriately challenging and interesting. Good job!

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