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Challenge Two Players




Process: Each Player will make a series of games, and the rules will be posted on pages that link off from this one. Each Player will make ten games in ten weeks. We will document the rules and the reactions to each of those games and attempt to share those here. (N.B. In Round One, after five weeks, we had fifty-five new games and the Players were fatigued and in need of a modified challenge. We proceeded to refine a game made during the first five weeks. As in game design, we had to adjust and refine the pace and level of challenge to help ensure consistent engagement.)



Round One (2007.01-2007.03)

  • Rafael Fajardo bio
  1. Scott Leutenegger
  2. Josh Fishburn
  3. Devin Monnens
  4. Miguel Trujillo
  5. Elizabeth Fox
  6. Annie Kier
  7. Misun Kim
  8. Rich Martinelli
  9. Jonathan Nease
  10. Neil Pring
  11. Jennifer Segel


Round Two (2008.01-2008.03)

  • Rafael Fajardo bio
  1. Ruben Figueroa
  2. David Murphy
  3. William Johns
  4. Takuro Fushimi
  5. Joe Lilly
  6. Erica Liszewski
  7. Neil Pring (round 2)
  8. Josh Fishburn (special guest)
  9. Devin Monnens (special guest)
  10. Misun Kim (special guest)


Round Three (2011.01–2011.03)

  • Rafael Fajardo bio
  • Andrew Edwards bio
  1. Samuel Ackerman
  2. Sarah Begnoche
  3. Beau Burrows
  4. Damon Chandler
  5. Hannah Chaussee
  6. Dillon Doyle
  7. Eric Froese  
  8. Samuel Granados
  9. Robert Harmon
  10. Andrew Hooper
  11. Dylan Jones
  12. John Michel
  13. Carson Schoellkopf
  14. Katinka Van Lier Ribbink
  15. Christian Wesselhoeft


Process for Round Four: Each Player will make a series of games, and the rules will be posted on pages that link off from this one. Each Player will make five games in the first six weeks of class, and then a sixth -- more ambitious -- game during the last four weeks of class. (NB.- this process was adjusted such that there were four games made in the first five weeks, and then a fifth -- more ambitious -- game was created, by three teams of five, during the last five weeks of class.)


Round Four (2012.03-2012.06)

  • Rafael Fajardo bio
  • Bill Depper bio
  • Andrew Edwards bio
  • Bryan Waddell bio
  1. David W. Fogle
  2. Nathan T. Gutschow
  3. Dylan K. Jones
  4. Kevin A. Keables
  5. Daniel G. Kjellerson
  6. Khoa D. Nguyen
  7. Stephen T. Rakoczy
  8. Stephen L. Rice
  9. James R. Riley
  10. Melanie S. Smith
  11. Thomas P. Wynne
  12. Sarah Begnoche
  13. Philippe A. Moore
  14. Alicia I. Rausch
  15. Eric C. Schneider

Teams for Challenge 5 of Round 4:

  1. Stewards of the Siqnastiest Game
  2. Flippin' Tables (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
  3. Team Ikarus & Friends



Round Five

  1. Michael Bradley
  2. John Brazil
  3. Rosa Calabrese
  4. Alexandra Clark
  5. Scott Davis
  6. Tom Dice
  7. Daniel Gallagher
  8. William Guy
  9. Dylan Jones
  10. James Riley
  11. Basil Vendryes
  12. Gabriel Wam
  13. Andre Blyth


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