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Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 5 months ago

NINJAS!( edited from last class 2/19)


2 to 3 player game

Use a four sided die to move around the board

Use a six sided die when fighting other players. Whoever rolls highest wins the battle in an equally matched battle. If the battle is unmatched, the weakest has to roll a 6 to win.


Battle ground and training grounds- Players must face off in this area if they occupy the same space.


Victims- Kill off victims and earn gold and increase your stats. Place a "turf" chip on the defeated victims square. Other players may choose to fight for the territory. The winner gains more experiance by defeating the other player. Divide the loosers stats by 2 and take the remaining and add in those points to your stats. Also divide the players gold in half, take a reward for beating your opponent. The loosers gold is not taken away by the other.


If you land on a dragon space, draw a card. The cards may be useful or detramental.


Hire a ninja- The new aspect of the game. Use your gold to hire out a ninja to help you fight another player.


Whoever gains over 50 percent of all the available turf on the board wins!

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