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Game #02: Flower Steps


The game of chance, luck, and clairvoyance.


What you need:
  • "Flower Steps" board game
  • Two tokens
  • A friend


Before You Begin:
  • The player's inital landing space does NOT give the player the corresponding points; points accrue on the second hexagon.
  • Remember:


Red = 10 points

Orange = 5 points

Yellow = 4 points

Blue = 3 points

Green = 2 points

Purple = 1 point

Black = RISK


How to Play:
  • Each player places his or her respective token on a hexagon.
  • One player goes at a time; the player spins the spinner. If the color on the spinner matches a hexagon adjacent to the token, then the player moves to the hexagon and gain the points.
  • If the spinner lands on a black sliver, and the player's token has a black hexagon adjacent to it, then the player can 'RISK' everything:


*If the player chooses to continue with the 'RISK', then the player will announce what color the spinner will land on, and spin. The spinner MUST go at least one full rotation to count. If the spinner does land on the guessed color, then the player automatically wins. If the spinner does not land on the guessed color, then the player loses all points, and canno take an action for 5 turns.

*If the player chooses not to try the 'RISK', then nothing happens; the player cannot move his or her token, and the next player goes.

  • The first player to reach 10 points wins.

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