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2-4 players: 20 Rounds

4+ players: 10 Rounds


The list...


The Solids:

  • Red = 100 pts
  • Black = -5 pts
  • Green = 10 pts
  • Blue = 5 pts
  • Blank = 0 pts


The Stipes:

  • Black with Red Stripe = Give up 1 green to any player
  • Red with Black Stripe = Get 1 green from any player
  • Half Green, Half blue = Give up 1 blue, Get 1 green



The Game

* Players draws one sick out of the box (Player can not put it back), and then passes the box to the next player.

* Next player does the same.

* Players must take action when they draw the stick.

* If an action can not be played on that turn player must take action as soon as possible.

* Once an action stick is used it is put in the middle or off the side not to be used again.

* If a red stick is drawn, game is over and that player wins.

* Players must play open. That means players can not hide or shiled their sticks from other players' view.



Alternative version for players 21 years and older COMING SOON!


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