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Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 8 months ago

Game # 6


Balance Ball: Version 2


Ok...So this version of Balance Ball is way sweeter...


I made a new board which is a bit more minimal but in a good way... it makes the game more fun and less of a headache to calculate the point values and final score. I also made the new board is operated with only one hand instead of two. The hand holds are adjustable and can be disconnected and then reconnected to play the game in a new way...

The players still can only touch the hand holds... and are bannished from the game if they touch the board or game spheres!

It is still a 3 player game... (posted pictures will be a bit more explanatory)

The new Balance Ball board is an equilateral triangle that has only 10 divets in it and no escape holes. There are only 11 game spheres on the board...

There are...

3- 30 pt. spheres

4- 20 pt. spheres

4- 10 pt. spheres


Since there are 11 game spheres on a board with only 10 divets... the ball that doesn't make it into a divet is subtracted from your total score. The objective is to have the remaining sphere be of the lowest point value possible.

Fun tips:

Try playing with your feet... if all three of you sit and hook your hand hold onto your foot and play that way... there have also been suggestions of players playing with there teeth.. hahaha.. give it a shot!


Hope this version is more fun than the last one...I think you will find that it is!

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