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Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 8 months ago

In a game based on my travels to new orleans, i was inspired based on popular local conspiracy theory to craft this game.


Taking place on an 11 by 11 grid, two sides of the grid are lined with Player 1's tokens, totalling 22 tokens in all. These are the "villagers". THis player is permitted 5 movements, which he can divide upmaongst any number of villagers, moving only to adjacent squares along either the squares sides or corners.


Player two begins the game with one token place on one of the sides of the grid that is unccupid by player 1's villager tokens at the start of the game. Player two's flood tokens move differently. Instead of moving, this player may add one token to any unoccupied square adjacent to a square already bearing a flood token.


Player three is "the government." If player 1 wins, player 3 wins. This is the only condition under which player 3 can win. If after 10 turns player 1 has not won the game, player 3 loses unless he calls out "oops"! If he does so, however, player 2's ability to place flood tokens hereafter increases by a factor of 2 each turn so that one turn after "oops" is yelled, player 2 may place 2 tokens instead of one, the next turn 4 flood tokens, the next turn 8 flood tokens etc.


To win the game, the flood must reach all the way across the grid to the oposite side from which they placed their first token, touching any 3 three or more spaces on that wall of the board to win. Player 1 wins if they make it so that player2 cannot possibly win by consturcting a wlal of villagers preventing the flood from reaching the opposite side fo the board. If a villager at any time becomes surrounded by 5 or more flood tokens in adjacent squares, that villager is drowned and is removed from play.

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